Reference SVGs Like the Cool Kids

Written on 10.14.14 Posted in Coffeescript, Svg
1 minute, 55 seconds

As mentioned in my SVG background fill article, I use gulp-svg-sprites to build my icon sets. This makes it incredibly simple to access specific symbols like so: <svg class="icon"> <use…

Modifying SVG Background Fills

Written on 09.29.14 Posted in Less, Svg
3 minutes, 25 seconds

Don't get me wrong - I love IcoMoon, but I've become pretty annoyed with loading up the app whenever I need to add-in a new icon, generate the .zip file, copy/paste it into my project and port over…

Do More With Less

Written on 08.14.14 Posted in Less
3 minutes, 4 seconds

Wow it's been a while! A lot has happened over the past few months. I joined the team over at BoomTown; a super-talented group that provides end-to-end solutions for real estate firms. The transition…

Less is More

Written on 03.09.14 Posted in General
1 minute, 38 seconds

In my previous article, I talked about some of the backend tools that went into my site rebuild; without touching any of the design elements. Being the "creative-type", I ended up feeling like the…

New Guts

Written on 01.20.14 Posted in General
2 minutes, 51 seconds

I thought it was time for a change; not design, but my backend development tools. While this site may look nearly identical to the previous version, there's lots that went on under the hood. I…

Pluggable Selectors: SASS vs LESS

Written on 09.01.13 Posted in Sass, Less
3 minutes, 13 seconds

There's been enough to comparison articles about SASS vs LESS, so... I figured one more couldn't hurt. This article isn't going to give you a side-by-side comparison of every feature we're all aware…

Accessing External WordPress Data

Written on 06.30.13 Posted in Wordpress
2 minutes, 28 seconds

As much as I love treating WordPress as a true application framework; bringing simplicity into the vast craziness that is the web, it can still be a bit of a heavy hammer for an entire site. If all…

Bust that Cache

Written on 06.08.13 Posted in Performance
3 minutes, 20 seconds

Let's setup a typical development scenario. You're being good lad/lass and developing locally. You're using a preprocessor like SASS or LESS and Codekit or Guard to compile your assets. You're even…

Upgraded Yeti

Written on 04.21.13 Posted in Sass, Compass, Foundation
2 minutes, 20 seconds

In my previous article, I went over how Foundation 3 and 4 could co-exist in your development setup, making for a happier, healthier you. While there are certainly situations where you'll need to…

Versioned Dependencies with Compass

Written on 03.31.13 Posted in Sass, Compass
4 minutes, 3 seconds

When Foundation released version 4 of their popular CSS/JS framework, they decided to go with a "mobile-first" approach. What does this mean? As Zurb mentioned in their release post: ... we didn't…

Rethinking the WordPress Admin

Written on 03.16.13 Posted in Wordpress
3 minutes, 48 seconds

As WordPress has matured further into (dare I say) an application framework, the needs of those taking full-advantage of it have progressed as well. WordPress's API has become a solid platform for…

Default Views for Plugins

Written on 03.09.13 Posted in Wordpress
4 minutes, 34 seconds

Today, plugins are not just performing simple manipulations to our beloved CMS - they're creating new editing experiences, managing SEO, connecting to social networks, etc. And for all the…

Separating Form and Function

Written on 02.20.13 Posted in Wordpress
2 minutes, 45 seconds

In my previous article, Extendable Switch Statements, I talked about separating the inner-workings of the WordPress loop to more maintainable output functions. The purpose of this article, is to take…

Extendable Switch Statements

Written on 02.09.13 Posted in Wordpress
3 minutes, 7 seconds

Throughout my base parent-theme, Basey, I was hell-bent on creating a DRY logic that was intuitive enough to handle the most complex setups, while not being too convoluted for the average user to get…

Journey to Sublime

Written on 02.02.13 Posted in General
3 minutes, 22 seconds

Everyone has a set of tools they stand-by - the things that help them do their job better, easier and faster; and my toolkit is no different than any other. For graphics I have Photoshop and Sketch,…