Zach Schnackel

What I use

A collection of the things I use on my personal device(s) that make me look smarter than I actually am.

  • I've tried them all; Dreamweaver, Sublime Text, BB Edit, Textmate, Atom, etc.
  • Previously Sketch, but Figma is just too good to ignore; with a plethora of community-driven plugins.
  • The easiest window-management tool I've ever used.
  • Giving the new kid on the block a shot; so far, so good.
  • The built-in terminal in VS Code is fine; though I'm fortunate enough to have the screen real-estate for a dedicated, always-open terminal.
  • I do feel more accomplished in the terminal at-times, but the interface and ease-of-use can't be understated for all my projects.
  • Handles multiple Google-based email accounts like a champ.
  • Synced across all my devices; never had an issue.
  • Apple Reminders
    I've tried a few different apps, but the iCloud integration and feature-set has always been enough for me.