Zach Schnackel

State dependent refs with hooks

During a recent project, I was pulling in a group of tweets from the Twitter API; using Netlify Functions, that ultimately would require some direct DOM manipulation with the list in which they were output.

Interacting with the DOM directly meant that I'd need to make sure the ref I created was available; all-the-while waiting for the endpoint to return data, which would only show when that data was returned and valid.

What I quickly realized, was that my ref was assumed to be available when the state was updated; which wasn't necessarily the case.

After a bit of searching, I came across this little gem which mentions useCallback() as a perfect companion for this type of decoupling by "memoizing" the value returned. The above reference to listRef now became:

After some initial skepticism, I've really enjoyed my time with Hooks so far - and with an opportunity to play around with Netlify Functions, it was a win-win!

:: Published Mar 30, 2019 ::